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This smiling, happy canine is a living testament to the resilience, fortitude and loving nature of man’s best friend. Treasure was found hungry, thirsty, and deserted by an inhumane human who had thrown him into an industrial trash dumpster. A passerby heard his plaintiff calls and thankfully pulled him out of the would-be tomb and transported him to the Humane Society where he, with the help and loving kindness of HS volunteers, has totally recovered from an almost indescribable ordeal. Treasure enjoys the pets and hugs of his new-found caregivers and responds to them with a joyous tail wag and a hopeful gaze in his eyes. As you can see in the action photo, he shows his carefree form as he revels in the freedom of a romp in the bark park once again knowing a sense of trust in humankind. He is looking for a compassionate, loving family to share their lives together, united as thankful forever friends. One man’s trash is another man’s Treasure.

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