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This 1 year-old shows her love of life and her appreciation of her human friends with a “body” wag that starts at her neck and resonates through her body eventually arriving at the tip of her tail. Kora weighs in at 29 pounds, just the perfect size to enjoy laying her head on your lap or curling up next to you on the couch. She is big enough to go for invigorating walkies and small enough to easily ride shotgun in your car, gazing out of the window on the way to her favorite drive-thru while hoping for a well-deserved treat. Kora is a real lady, sharing heart-felt smiles and a kind, loving nature with all. After a recent off-sight adoption event, she rode home with a caring volunteer who stopped at an Arby’s where they affectionately shared a roast beef sandwich together. As Kora gazes into your eyes, you can see a very special awareness of life that canines’ experience much more often than do humans. Kora is waiting to share that unconditional love with you.

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